An arts haven, spirit shrine, sacred little space surrounded by the hushing forest, beneath the beneficent moon, HQ is a journey to self and out again. I had the honour of sitting, sharing a likkle food and talking dreams and politics and design and art and music and compassion with Afifa and Isabel while on the Rock. That moment in the hills beneath Venus, Mars and the moon was a divine alignment for me. HQ comforted my spirit and challenged my inner artist to just make the something he has been waiting to make! Surrounded by art and the most luscious plant life, how could I not be inspired to breathe a little deeper, take a look around at what has come to constitute living, question the taken for granted horrors and envision the simplest ways to make the practical, the mundane, the necessary…beautiful! HQ is a healing space. I can still hear Zanj Radio echoing remixes of Saul Williams in my memory still; Me’shell Ndegeocello and smile still from the wall welcoming me home. I must return to HQ. You must go. It’s a Heart Quest you won’t soon forget.

Plenty love and soul,

(Jan 2017)