What is a good reason to ask and what is a good reason to say yes? An open letter to the village.

We have been thinking about it. All the work that we do why we do it and how to support it. We believe in the idea of community. We believe in the constant learning. We believe that we can create  things and change the things we do not want to see. We believe that the work we do at SO((U))L is helping to plant and grow the seeds of love, spirit, justice equity and activism.

What we mean is we see how important it is to have a space that facilitates people of all ages, race, religion, class, gender and sexuality coming together around  music, rituals, art  and conversations to question and to feel free to grow.

We believe that this is important and we think you believe it too. So we are asking you to support SO((U))L in a very simple way.  Help us to keep growing.

So far SO((U))L has been supported by Georgia and I and a few friends  We need to raise

$31,000 every month. $20,000 for the RENT of the HQ $2000 for our light and $9000 related to miscellaneous cost such as programming, food transportation communication and maintenance.

We have a few days to go in the month. We look forward to receiving your contributions by Sunday July 28, 2013