“Space creates space for space. Intellectual space. Freedom starts in the head and alternatives start in imagination”

Norman Girvan

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 The SO((U))L HQ creates alternative community spaces.

The HQ is a collective artist, music, learning, community space that was created in July 2011 by Georgia Love and Afifa Aza. After a few iterations, in 2013, the HQ became the official home of Zanj Radio and together we later opened Di Institute for Social leadership (Di ISL).

The HQ is a community space for discussion, exploration and discovery of the arts, culture, spirituality, music, creativity and the promotion of social justice, equality, self-reliance.

It is a space to create. It is a space to discover. It is a space to explore. It is a space to be. It is a space to do.

What people are saying about the HQ

The SO((U))L HQ is a place where anything is possible and the good folks that are Isabel, Afifa and Zanj make magic and inspire me to be more. (Jan 2017)


An arts haven, spirit shrine, sacred little space surrounded by the hushing forest, beneath the beneficent moon, HQ is a journey to self and out again. I had the honour of sitting, sharing a likkle food and talking dreams and politics and design and art and music and compassion with Afifa and Isabel while on…